Caren McCaleb is an Emmy winning editor and filmmaker. With a deep love for visual communication, Caren came to filmmaking from a background in painting, photography and dance. 

She is the editor of the 2012 Emmy Winning series “Profiles in Hope” which was produced in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and tells the inspirational stories of six successful individuals who have overcome a variety of mental and physical challenges.  This series also won both a STAR and Voice Award.  Caren and the project won another Emmy in 2013 for best Public Service Announcement.

Caren edited and was co-story writer on “Lost In Living”, a feature length documentary by director Mary Trunk, which premiered in February 2013 and has had multiple international screenings. Following four female artists for over seven years, the movie is a rare look at the most personal, private and conflicted thoughts women have about life, family, artistic expression and self-image.

Caren is the editor of “Silencio”, a narrative feature directed and written by Luis Camara.  The film has shown internationally at film festivals including the Queens World Film Festival where it won best cinematography in 2014.

Caren is currently working on a feature documentary about a little know civil rights initiative called “Wednesday in Mississippi” with Director Marlene McCurtis.  “Wednesday in Mississippi” tells the story of how Dorothy Height, a Black civil rights leader, and Polly Cowan, a Jewish heiress and activist, developed a program to send interracial teams of middle class northern women into Mississippi during the summer of 1964.  Their goal was to use conversation to build bridges between Black and White women in Mississippi.  The movie will tell the story with never before heard archival audio, home movies, animation, informational motion graphics, stylized re-enactments and interviews with all living participants in the project.  A work in progress of the film screened at the Athena Film Festival at Barnard College February 2014 as well as at the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer in Jackson Mississippi in June 2014.

Caren has also edited films for Disney, Target, SCORE, LAUSD, the Leakey Foundation, Blind Children’s Center, the World Festival of Music, Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet, Simon and Schuster, Little Brown and Company, Hebrew Union College, and the Da Vinci Schools.

In addition to her commercial work, Caren has also collaborated on numerous dance videos and video installations for live dance theater.  Her work has shown internationally at Dance Camera West, San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema and TanzArt Ostwest.

Caren has been producing the youtube channel, EagleCrowOwl for over 8 years.  The site includes over 100 videos created in a hybrid style of experimental art film, documentary, vlogging, dance and narrative.

Caren has been invited as a guest lecturer on the subject of filmmaking and editing at Layola Marymount University, Art Center College of Design and DaVinci Design.

A graduate of Cornell University, Caren lives and works in Los Angeles.