2010, 4 minutes
Free business advice from the former President of Chiat Day../Movies/SCORE.html
Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet
2008, 3 minutes../Movies/Raiford_Rogers_Modern_Ballet.html
2009, 7 minutes
Abhijit Banerjee is one of the most sought after creative artists in Indian Classical Music. ../Movies/Tarang.html
Jane Goodall
2008, 4 minutes
What is it that makes humans unique when we share over 98% of our genes with chimpanzees?  Jane Goodall offers her insights.../Movies/Jane_Goodall.html
Profiles in Hope:  Steve Peck
Aired on PBS May 2011, 10 minutes 
(1 of 6 profiles in a series)
Former Vietnam Vet and son of actor Gregory Peck talks about about overcoming PTSD and helping other vets../Movies/Profiles_in_Hope_Steve_Peck.html
Engineering at Melrose Elementary School
2013, 7 minutes
How one school inspires creative thinkers.../Movies/Engineering.html
Disney•Pixar Cars | Rolling with RIDEMAKERZ: Joey Lawrence
2011, 2 minutes
Disney Artist Collection for Target
2012, 1 minute../Movies/Disney_Artist_Collection_for_Target.html
Lost in Living Trailer
2013, 2 minutes
Lost in LIving is a feature length documentary that follows four artists for over 7 years.



Wednesdays in Mississippi

in production

Please contact me to see work in progress

3 minute clip from the film
2014, 2 minutes